Разница между двумя глаголами «make up» и «make out».

Вы знали, что существует разница между двумя глаголами «make up» и «make out»?

Наш педагог Центра иностранных языков «Leon» Татьяна Пищулина совместно с гостями из США Райаном и Джейкобом подготовили для вас интересное обучающее видео, в котором будет показана разница между глаголами «make up» и «make out».

Упражнения к данному видео вы можете найти ниже.


1. Kiss and make ___ already. I can’t stand the silent treatment.
2. I can’t make _____ the fine print in this contract. What does it say?
3. How is John making ____ in his new business venture?
4. He made ____ his face to hide his true identity.
5. She made ____with her nextdoor neighbor and now she is embarrased to see him.
6. How could I make ___ a story like this? I’m telling the truth.
7. How is she making ___ in her university?
8. She could just make __ a shape approaching in the dark.
9. First she said she was the new head of her department, then we discovered she was making____the whole tale.
10. They made her ___ as an old lady for the film.
11. We had a terrible row about money last night, but we eventually and are fine again now.
12. Boys at that age are only interested in making ___with girls.

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Автор: ОЦ «Leon»